Suzuki TL1000R


This is Bill's beast. He's had it a few years now and it would proberbly be easyier to list what mods he hasnt done to it. As you can see by the dyno graph, its pumping out some very nice horse's. He has turned this bike into a wheelie monster, it has that much low down grunt he can pick up the front wheel pretty much whatever gear he pleases. The crash pics at the bottom were taken a while ago after a slight mishap involving diesel on a roundabout, the bike has since been rebuilt and resprayed, pics to be posted shortly.


I wouldnt know where to start, Im going to get Billy to write a piece on what hes done, it may turn into a full artical to be posted in the mod's section once its up and running.

been a while since i wrote anything about this one its been a few colours and sevral mods since the above pictures, the best thing i can do is a picture run with 90% of the work included hehe so from the top oldest to how it looks now looks kinda diffrent eh :)


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